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's eyes quickly controlled her, tied with a rope after he sealed with louboutin pas cher tape her eyes and mouth. Through the room lights, Luo boss glimpses there is at least three masked men dragged himself into the room, he quickly said: "Do not hurt us, to what I give you." "We just money. "A masked man repeated the words. Soon, masked men found the room of two safes. To obtain the password, masked men not only played Luo boss, also killing his wife Moumou. Safes opened, several masked men took more than 72 million in cash, but also took away a couple of phone Lo boss, and then disappear in the night. Luo boss heard his wife moan, he tried my best to break free of the rope, ripped the tape on the mouth and eyes, and saw Moumou clutching his bleeding stomach lying outside the door, his wife, who he quickly untied the rope, went to the hospital's son and daughter-in-law got home, Moumou soon be sent to the nearest clinic. Luo boss and daughter-in-law, after some debate, decided to police. 9 Road horses tracing suspects 22 am, police received a report unicorn, Dongshan police station immediately rushed to the nearest sealed off the scene, and then, Kirin Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Deputy Secretary Nieji You rate the investigation, the police rushed to the scene technology. Scene investigation shows that Romania Courtyard of a hill head, not far from mine own, away from the houses there are nearly one hundred meters distance, site survey group found evidence in the present, Luo door lock has not been damaged, Toss it over the wall may be admitted. Luo's watchdog one will bite strangers called, but Luo boss said the incident dogs called a few times, the police clues to deduce moncler femme accordingly and comprehensive visits, among the suspects someone may be Luo regulars, he gave Courtyard year regulars out of Romania, as the focus of the survey in advance. Because of special circumstances require the police to trace former old to participate more and more jobs are also increasing, October 31, even Qujing City Vice Mayor, City Public Security Bureau Hu Zujun came. Local police set up a "10.29" Case Investigation Command, composed of nine groups were responsible for visiting search, forensic analysis, gathering clues, arresting, logistics and so on. November 1, Yunnan public hall this case as a "special supervision" cases. However, the police Luo list of "regulars" list after eleven visits, but can not find any suspicious person, they decided to strengthen investigation and visited the strength of all of Luo too busy to help, fought workers who are included in the investigation ranges. Technical Group on the extraction of the rope used to bind Luo boss and for sealing the mouth, the eyes of the tape were identified after the inferred perpetrators are migrant workers or farmers, they are likely to buy the tape in the vicinity, and the number must be in the laps above. Dongshan Intelligence Unit and the adjacent Yuezhou a small supermarket, we found that the supermarket sold bundled with sealing tape and Romania for the same boss. Recent sales records show that on October 29 the only people to a small supermarket bought a tape, but can not remember who bought the salesman. Police can only provide vague portrait on sale after the surveillance video for investigation to determine the video in a very suspicious man in red, but red man investigation team will staff the situation and grasp the situation than the right, but can not find the same suspicious points. January 2009, brings together for clues after a man named Li Moumou has three times appeared in the police line of sight, this relatively familiar and Luo, Luo coal field is an electrician for hollister sale the coal yard and Luo courtyard very familiar with, and he have a gambling addiction, but no suspicious behavior before and after the incident. Survey barbour uk outlet showed that Moumou and Zhang A, Zhang B, Zhang C, and Lo is the boss's wife Moumou Dongshan jurisdiction fellow villagers, four people went to Luo coal field played work, but in addition Moumou a person , three additional per capita to be Debu long. 4 people can police investigation, still no harvest. January 4, 2009, the headquarters has made an unusual move: withdrawal! 9 way troops "failed." Police decided to elicit the hidden very deeply, "Luo regular customers." Within the tight loose outside Dongshan lure snake out of its hole, after the withdrawal of the police department is located in the new wave scene 20 kilometers away from the state police, the more, the investigation of the case, but that did not work to relax. Spring Festival approaching, the money suspects then "quiet not live." Police found Moumou, Zhang A, Zhang B, Zhang C with action: Moumou began to repair to build a house, the purchase of a large number of home appliances, also lost a lot of money gambling. Zhang A also began to build his house, the purchase of furniture, appliances, he also separately to Zhang B, Zhang C to borrow a lot of money. Poor families, Zhang B usually cautious, frugal, and sometimes a lot of money how can lend Zhang A This became the police "doubt. Meanwhile, Zhang C only 25 years old, with little work, is the home of the only son, unmarried, there can be a lot of money out of their homes or lend Zhang A. Police have an accident harvest, the masses said a man named Yang Moumou and Moumou Dongshan people began four people have dealings, he told Zhang A, Zhang B, etc. to borrow money to buy a "Buick", which five people must have "problem", but the command decided not to arouse his suspicions, but undercover undercover Mopai to accomplishing sufficient evidence the case to the case of iron. February 20, through a large number Mopai, focusing less and less objective marker, Lee one has floated out. March 1, careful police accidentally discovered Moumou Moumou 20-year-old nephew is holding a phone in the play, the mobile phones and mobile phone stolen Luo exactly the same, upon inquiry, was know Moumou Moumou five year-old daughter from the hands to get louboutin homme pas cher the phone, he did not phone it took to play. police quietly to the mobile phone picture taken on March 2, through photo-identification, Luo Moumou boss confirmed It was his cell phone in hand. plus numerous doubts, the police immediately confirm Moumou significant for a large crime suspects, March 4 am, Moumou been successfully captured. culprit was arrested wanted to divert the police's attention Moumou insisted from his two mobile phones are commercially available, and to say that they help people contact with coal made a fortune, he casually makes up doudoune moncler enfant one after another lie was exposed after police investigation confirmed, and finally his head drooping down He confessed that the incident was caused by Luo Yang D plotted son, saying he did not count too much money, spent part of, as well as more than 70,000 have been Cangzaijiali the bed, but Moumou said lie, the police did not find Lee 70,000 yuan of money at this time, there are reports from the public, said Zhang C quietly left the village, there is the possibility of escape, in addition, there are indications that Zhang B, Zhang A may be plotting to escape. March 4 at noon, Zhang A, Zhang B was arrested. Moumou heard Zhang A, Zhang B arrest, had confessed that he has a cell phone and hid the money in their own old house. March 4 o'clock in the evening of 21, Lee police in his old house upstairs to find a 70,000 yuan of money and a cell phone. Later investigation, Young D without possibility of committing the crime, but his presence was thorough breakdown lies Moumou police to Lee explain why a "bite Young D" when Moumou dumb, and eventually began a comprehensive explanation. truth March 5, 2009, Li Moumou confessed later, Zhang A, Zhang B is also the matter then say hair truth. Originally, Li and Zhang A, Zhang B, Zhang C3 persons on the same village, in August 2008 during the village road, the Moumou proposed four people sworn became "brothers." Later, due to hand tight , hobbies, gambling, money casually Moumou began to have wanted to do a "vote" idea, because he was familiar with the situation Lo boss at home, but also know Luo sell coal out there are millions of cash per day out, for a long time every day 2-3 million, put Luo as the first goal. Moumou found a 46-year-old, experienced and prudent friend Yang Moumou, the two hit it off, in September 2008, Li Moumou successively find Zhang A, Zhang B, Zhang C. 5 people agreed programs, the people to Qujing bought 5 sets of the same clothes, and made five identical hood, Chang A, Zhang C, who went to the supermarket to buy more states laps paper tape, when Zhang A wearing a red dress. Subsequently, five people and spent time thoroughly investigated Luo boss at home, including Luo boss what to go home, when someone at home, when there will be cash at home, etc. that foolproof, they began to implement plans. first evening, five people riding two motorcycles to Romania neighborhood and found a car parked next to the car around someone, to give up the second time, five people came to the destination, found that there are a lot of people Luo at home, they gave up the third time, because in the village met acquaintances, but also, and they prodded, and gave up. evening of 29 October 2008 20 am, because no to Yang Moumou, Moumou, Zhang A, Zhang B, Zhang C4 people took rope, tape, two melon, two crowbars, gloves and other tools of crime, not in determining the Luo at home, quickly sneaked into the wall Luo hospital. was preparing the house, Luo dog tied to the door began to scream, they call a few times, the dog is not called, but as long as the walk to the door of the room, the dog began to bark non-stop, tried three times, four people retreated to the wall side, decided to lurk in the hospital, etc. Lo and his wife came back to start again, so, Moumou hiding in the hospital and Zhang A wall abandoned mine car, Zhang B, Zhang C then sneaked into the toilet. Half an hour later, Luo and his wife drove back ...... last one suspects fled Vietnam wanted to sell cars with Moumou, Zhang A, Zhang B, confessed, Police entered the net work by the Ministry of controlling, project officer at the city of Qujing Kirin is preparing to flee in time captured Zhang C, Zhang confessed to committing the crime against Zhang B, Zhang C and later confessed that each of them assigned to the 15 Wan nine thousand dollars. Luo report, and Zhang Yang Moumou Moumou know other 4 A robbery succeed, they requested cents, after deliberation, Moumou other four points to the Yang Moumou 80,000 yuan Later, Yang Moumou said to buy a car, with Zhang A, Li Moumou borrowed 20,000 yuan, respectively, with Zhang B borrowed seven thousand dollars, with Zhang A borrowed five thousand dollars. Moumou, Zhang A, Zhang B After the arrest, Yang Moumou driving with stolen money to buy "Buick" fled outside, March 5 afternoon, police are preparing to sell cars Luliang flee Vietnam Yang Moumou timely arrest, five suspects were all arrested At this point, particularly the handling of the Provincial Public Office 2008 "10.29" large masked burglary 720,000 cash case lasted 126 days after the truth. Currently, the police according to law 5 Kirin suspects were under criminal detention, waiting for them will is the law. (Nieji You Zhang Zheng)

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