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Quickly cool the person's body by immersing them up to their neck in cold water if possible. Otherwise, douse or spray the person with cold water, or cover the person with cold, wet towels or bags of ice. What I hate is sponges. They are like so gross.

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The truth is, grace is a crucial survival ability, but it is also perishable. Ever so gradually following we hit 30, muscle tissues we use to stand tall weaken. The size of our stride shortens, the pace of our measures slows, and visioncritical to coordinationbecomes fuzzier. Even menopause can make our gait a tad far more wobbly. "Aging, having said that, isn't the only real explanation individuals reduce their perception of steadiness," says A. Lynn Millar, PhD, a professor of physical remedy at Andrews University. "Balance is basically 'use it or reduce it.' You can sustain it in case you continue to be lively."

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