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Dmitris dress was constructed well and I liked the color blocking. However, Im on the fence about the cutouts and exposed zipper in the back. I think a hidden zipper would have made the look more refined. For all of Rauls hot air, his designs fell flat. His ruffled bib blouse was overdesigned and fussy while his shiny gunmetal top was unremarkable. Not cute.

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STORY: Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Whos Coming Back, Breaking Up and Getting a New Partner?

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The actual Ugly: And the choices for top honors are A) David Martin puking within the aspect of a vessel after being taunted along with seafood courage as well as B) Jack Black looking at a hotel bed in his under garments as well as black gown clothes while snarfing down a tote of pretzels and a container associated with peanut butter. I believe there exists a connect.

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-- Kathy Baker as Wendy Paulson

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