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Locally the annual migration of Sand Bass has begun, as most ½ day and ¾ day boats are catching limits or near limits on many trips, with plenty of the Bass barely 12 inches in length. I actually cringe when I read the reports from the landings, with 200 to 400 Bass being caught per boat and dock totals in the thousands. Knowing so many Bass are being killed, with almost no encouragement for catch and release practices being taught. I know many folks don't fish often and use the fish to feed the family; however, you have ask yourself how many Bass are killed and never see the frying pan? At least I understand the DFG is looking into reduced limits and increased size of the taking of Bass.

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What a beautiful and big fish!! It's looking too good. Particularly it's yellow tail looks too amazing. I think this is a sea fish. However, for more info. go our "learn how to sail"

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A 13yearold boy depicted in one of Marina Goldberg's recent oil portraits appears more at ease with his domestic arrangement. Slouched in a black leather chair with a towel draped behind him, he seems to have wrested himself out of a long shower in time to watch ''South Park.'' His presentation, like Eric's, had none of the eternizing formality of traditional painted portraits. Instead of a brassbuttoned blazer, say, the boy is wearing jeans, his right hand is tucked into a pocket, and a shortsleeve buttondown shirt is open to reveal a white Tshirt bearing the Champion sporting goods insignia. He could not be confused with a child of the 19th century; he would probably not be confused with a boy of 1992.Forget the gym and get fit

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Barwick performance demonstrated the limits of this approach. Because the loops were ongoing and unbroken, she couldn create sections within her compositions. (It was also next to impossible to make out the words she was singing or if she was singing words at all.) It turns out that classical musicians have the same issues that electronic bands do: Their machines are difficult to control, and even harder to turn off. He ran his voice and violin through a software instrument called a Neurosampler. The name of the device sounded cool but in practice it was tricky to manage, and he had to keep frantically motioning to his laptop operator to turn down the volume.

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