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Kevin Niles

This story makes me sick. We kiss Mexico on the ass all the time. Its time they gave us a litle back. I could go on but i am to upset.

Kevin Niles

One more thing. No MEXICAN TRUCKS in the U S A. I have seen the trucks on hwy 1 in baja O MY GOD. You let that happen and there will be SOME DEATH. If you have seen them comeing at you in the other lane with loose steering, cattle bumpers,bald tires,you can keep that crap down there. If you ever take a drive down Baja 1 you know. crosses every mile where people have died. If i go down there i will take my chance. You know are Gov will not be checking each truck.


We can seal a leaking oil well thousands of feet below the surface and
can't or won't get involved in recovery of human beings.....in 300 feet of water. We can see where the priorities are.

Kathy Yamamoto Harano

Your article certainly hits a nerve and probably says what every one of us has thought about (plus more) in the past 2 weeks or so. Time to redirect to higher authorities to become involved.

Truth seeking

This is a fake "article". Try searching for William Ebersman and see what you discover. This blog doesn't even cite sources.

You can't handle the truth

So what if you search the dude and the name doesn't exist and so what the blog doesn't site sources. The point is we are the proud U.S.A. and we don't have the resources to or funds to search for our own people, bullshit. Two of the missing are veterans and one was decorated with the Purple heart during the Vietnam war. The ball is in our court and the D.O.D. DECLINE the request to send divers to find U.S. Citizens. How the heck would you feel if it was your family that could be down there and you have no closure. What about all the wifes and families that could be in financial distress because Living Trust or the missing persons Will can not be executed because they are missing and not declared dead. So instead of hating on the blog and the article why don't you do something positive and spread the word about this honorable cause. Nuff said.

mike brasfield

People......the technology is there. The desire is not. I was there to help collect the remains of Les Yee. Funny, I didn t see the owner or a rep from the owner refunding the fisbermens deposit or helping with their expensives. Has anyone seen an interview with the Captain? Wonder why."


The governments searched for 9 days They dont owe you any more. You people are so selfish. If you want a dive, PAY FOR IT YOURSELVES!

Jim Lee

Families Member, loves one and dear friends:

How I see this incident to be is "ALL ABOUT THE MONEY " prior to whom is going to take action to correction. American & Mexican had exhausted their funds in making attempts to Rescue & Recovery services. They both have a budget to be concerns. I'd amazing since they extended the first search can runs up to the millions. Having the C130 planes, helicopter, rescue military ships, plane and personal are very very costly. Maybe this is why it's a Stalemate or a Deadlock!

I've set-out two plans of attack in hoping to solve this problem:

1) I wrote TO Senator Akaka of Hawaii on 7/27/11 in regards requesting HELP for further rescue & recovery mission.
2) I emailed San Diego Coast Guard Auxiliary District 11 7/31/11 in regards in hoping that their program can incorporate a volunteer Rescue Training Mission in locating Erik & bodies recovery. Lets keep our finger cross for the best results.

Aloha, from the Hawaii,Big Island

Jim Lee ( brother of Don Lee)

Tucson Injury

Interesting post. Although I hope that the missing anglers would be able to go home. Dead or alive. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their worried families.

Buck Buchanan

I have attempted to contact the rep for the families with no response. so how much help do they need. I think with the proper post accident investigation we could do some good. also does the ship owner have insurance ???? as I can find the follow up has been poor on this event. I think because the family is not educated in how to search for this vessel.


Hi Buck,
Give me your contact info and I will get it to the families.


Its in 300 feet of water. The ship can easily be located with commercial grade fish finders for crying out loud. The Mexican Government simply does not care about recovering gringos. If someone were to remind them each fisherman boarded the vessel with about $3000.00 worth of gear each, they would be there in the morning robbing the gravesite.

Andi Smidth

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. I would suggest that they visit www.deathletters.org as it might help to know there are other people who are going through the loss of a loved one as well.


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