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Brett Forrester

Please contact me about helping with this disaster to the families. I am living and working down here on the Sea of Cortez and can help. please contact me.
Baja Yates International Inc. Mx

Jim Lee


I've two subjects I want to express. By the way Mike, thanks for your expression about the Mexican authorities and your story.

My name is Jim Lee, the younger brother of one of the missing 7 passenger, Don Lee.

1) The first subject is the negligence of the Baja Sport Fishing Company. WHY there isn't anybody going after their A_ _ about this default. There is NOTHING on the media about their stupid captain behavior and the company unprofessional operational procedures, if any. The company should at least say something or DO something for the missing passengers. They are probable kicking back and laughing about the whole incident. Yeah, let the Mexican authority handle it we are scott free!
2) I've wrote to Senator Akaka of Hawaii 7/27/11 and email the San Diego Coast Guard Auxiliary District 11 7/31/11 in regards. We are hoping a Rescue Training Mission by volunteer can offers us a hand in ship location & bodies recovery.

We will NOT give-up until this horrible incident have positive complete closure.

Ice Coolers

That experience must have been very tragic. I can't imagine being in that situation. We all should be thankful that we are still alive today. Authorities should be more vigilant about this incidents to prevent any more like this to happen.


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alarm systems

Early warning can mean the difference between a safe escape and no escape at all.


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Linda Hill

It's not easy to lose someone especially if the reason of losing them is like what happened to this tragedy. I hope the authorities will do their best in searching the missing bodies of the victims in this incident.


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